Family Study: 1998-2002

The purpose of this study was to explore the ways in which Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) activities affect the people of Morgan City and New Iberia, Louisiana. The study was led by the University of Arizona and utilized a community-university partnership approach involving 2 faculty, 8 graduate students, and 14 teacher-researchers and examined the nature of OCS-related work and its impacts on the lifestyles of individuals and families; its results were published in 2002 in two volumes. Volume 1 describes the range of social and economic impacts and was intended to address MMS’ information requirements in preparing social impact assessments. Volume 2, “Case Studies,” was initially prepared in 2000 as a “first cut” through a large body of research material and provides an ethnographic description of life in these communities amid this massive industry.



Principal Investigators: Diane Austin, Thomas McGuire

University of Arizona researchers: Marcia Brenden, Karen Coelho, Andrew Gardner, Rylan Higgins, Helena Rincon, Jennifer Schrag-James, Shannon Sparks, Leah Stauber

Community Teacher-Researchers: Teresa Bagwell, Charlene Broussard, Jennifer Brown, Leslie Chambers, Sonya Cloutier, Norma Cormier, Barbara Davis, Leesa Falterman, Andrea Guerin, Jamie Guidry, Margaret Kleinpeter, Susan Lissard, Wendy Ochoa, Laura Robison