Fabrication and Shipbuilding: 2006-2010

This study is being conducted to address a significant gap in MMS data and analysis. The study is being led by the University of Houston and has involved 2 faculty, 6 graduate students, and 2 undergraduates from the University of Arizona, along with 2 faculty consultants and 1 undergraduate student from Louisiana and a graduate student from the University of Kansas. The study is describing the fabrication and shipbuilding industries, the services they provide, and their labor demands and how they meet them. It also will provide information about their geographic distribution, environmental impacts, trends, dynamics, and demographic and socioeconomic significance. Finally, the study is exploring variation within the industries (e.g., large firms vs. small ones) and the effects of that variation. The results of the study will be released in three volumes, all of which are in draft form.



Principal Investigators: Diane Austin, Thomas McGuire

University of Arizona researchers: Irene Angelov, Terez Banks, Jacob Campbell, Heather Gallivan, Ben McMahan, Lauren Penney, Victoria Phaneuf, Preetam Prakash, Sarah Raskin

Community PartnersNicholls State University, University of Houston, University of Kansas, University of Louisiana at Monroe